Paige Panter talks to GARNet

Dr Paige Panter talks to GARNet about her PhD research conducted at the University of Durham. This paper is published in New Phytologist and is titled ‘MUR1-mediated cell-wall fucosylation is required for freezing tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana‘. Paige is currently working with Antony Dodd in Bristol and some moving to the John Innes Centre! Good work with the move and the new project!

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  1. […] The seventh paper from Bristol and Glasgow looks at shade avoidance signaling via PIF5, COP1 and UVR8 whilst the eighth paper, which is from Rothamsted, demonstrates how metabolic engineering in Arabidopsis seeds can result in a high proportion of human milk fat substitute. The next paper is from the University of Durham and investigates how the composition of the Arabidopsis cell wall impacts freezing tolerance. The first author of this paper, Dr Paige Panter discusses the paper on the GARNet community podcast. […]

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