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The GARNet team:  

Originally started by our former colleague Charis Cook, this blog is now maintained by Geraint Parry. In particular, look out for the regular ‘Arabidopsis Research Round-up’ – a series of short summaries of newly published Arabidopsis research from UK-based plant scientists. This series is also syndicated to the community news section of the Arabidopsis Information Portal (AIP, or Araport). 


Celebrating Basic Plant Science:

April 2014: Mike Haydon discussed why his work on the interactions between basic sugar metabolism and the circadian clock was a sweet surprise.

January 2014: Martin Howard‘s article on how plants remember winter cold is our most well-shared blog post to date.

December 2013: Catherine Kidner opened a Twitter discussion with her blog post on what makes a species unique.

November 2013: Juliet Coates explained how and why her group are trying to understand the origin of multicellularity with algae.

October 2013: Siobhan Braybrook wrote a great piece on why she researches plant development.


Reports from Conferences and Meetings:

September 2015: Computer Vision Problems in Plant Phenotyping, CVPPP

Septembr 2015: The Inaugural UK Synthetic Biology 2015 Meeting

July 2015: Introducing OpenPlant.

July 2015: We were invited to the High Value Chemicals from Plants (HVCfP) network meeting, Norwich.

June 2015: COPO Workshop, TGAC, Norwich

June 2015: We attended the Multi-Scale Biology Meeting in Nottingham

December 2014: Robyn Drinkwater from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh wrote a post about our the Software Carpentry Bootcamp we ran with CGR Liverpool. That piece was first published on Botanics Stories, the RBGE blog. If you look carefully you will see the GARNet Coordinator with his head in his hands!

July 2014: Angela White (University of Sheffield) spoke to some photosynthesis researchers at the 2014 SEB annual conference and wrote a piece about optimising photosynthesis. Find Angela on Twitteronline and at her blog. Angela originally published her post on the UK Plant Sciences Federation blog.

June 2014: Charlotte White, crop physiologist at environmental and agricultural consultancy ADAS, reported from the ADAS Boxworth Open Day where science from ADAS is showcased alongside work funded by Defra and HGCA as well as private enterprises.

August 2013: PhD students Sarah Harvey, Emily Breeze and Nur Izzati Mohammed Noh reported from the International Arabidopsis Conference ICAR 2013.

May 2013: Laura Dixon, a plant scientist at the John Innes Centre, wrote reports from Monogram 2013 and The Centenary of the Plant Breeding Institute.

August 2012: Katherine Denby gave an overview of the presentations from Warwick Systems Biology at SEB 2012.


Other guest bloggers:

September 2014: Pete McQuilton and Richard Smith of Nowomics pulled a load of information on plant science publications for us to write a fascinating guest blog post on Arabidopsis publication trends.

July 2014: Aurora Levesley, Project Officer for the Gatsby Plant Science TREE, explained what the TREE does in a post that tied in with a New Phytologist paper on a new resource of online lectures.

June 2014:Laura Dixon gave us a perspective on her June 2014 New Phytologist paper.

February 2014: Annegret Honsbein shares her work on using cyanobacteria to desalinate sea water.

November 2013: James Lloyd explained why he works on moss species Physcomitrella patens and how it gave him an advantage over the majority Arabidopsis researchers.

October 2013: Benjamin Schwessinger shares the inside story on a Nature retraction.

May 2013: Susie Lydon guest-blogged about the integrative biology workshops she runs at the University of Nottingham.

April 2013: Mike Pound gave an overview of an image analysis tool he developed – CellSeT.

January 2013: Frances Salisbury is a Patent Attorney at Mewburn Ellis LLP, and guest-posted on intellectual property rights in plant science.

January 2013: Sandra Smieszek interviewed Steve Kay and Stephen Altschul for GARNet.

November 2012: Alan Jones wrote an article about plant ecology success story BeadaMoss.

October 2012: Tim Holmes and Charis exchanged guest posts – he wrote about CABI’s Plantwise Knowledge Bank Map and she wrote one for the Plantwise Blog on Arabidopsis (what else?).

July 2012: Anne Osterrieder blogged about iridescence in plants. 

June 2012: Rebecca Nesbit wrote about BBSRC’s Bioscience and Innovation Unit from PlantSci 2012.

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