Introducing NAASC Inclusivity Scholars Program – December 2020

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Published on: January 19, 2021

International Plant Systems Biology Workshop: Virtually April 26th-27th

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Published on: January 18, 2021

This EMBO Workshop on international Plant Systems Biology (iPSB) is the central gathering of plant systems biology researchers from across the world.

Climate change poses unique challenges for how to feed and power humanity without further degrading the environment. Plant science therefore is a key discipline in meeting the challenge of adapting food and energy production and society to the consequences of climate change. Towards the understanding of complex genotype-phenotype relationships, systems biology approaches, i.e. global omics and quantitative modelling, need to complement classic genetics and cell biology.

Building on the success of the first iPSB in Roscoff in 2018 and with having to postpone our plans for Venice, Italy in September 2020, we are now delighted to be able to offer the second iPSB virtually. There will be invited talks, talks selected from abstract submissions, an online poster session and time to network at virtual tables hosted by the Remo coference software.

As systems biology has many facets it is important to bring together researchers taking a variety of approaches, in order to mesh these directions towards a deeper understanding of biological systems.

Each of our six workshop sessions is accessible to non-experts to ensure cross-fertilisation since there are strong but not yet fully realised links between researchers across systems biology.

We particularly encourage applications from early career researchers and the size of the meeting offers a tremendous chance for interaction, building a future for this exciting discipline. Around half of the oral presentations will be selected from abstracts.

Session 1 - Gene Regulatory Networks
Session 2 - Metabolic Networks
Session 3 - Synthetic Biology
Session 4 - From Single Cell Genomics to Tissue Modeling
Session 5 - Evolutionary Networks and Systems
Session 6 - Integrative Systems Genomics

The workshop deadlines are:

Registration/Abstrct Submission deadline: 5 March 2021
Accepted participants will be notified by 19 March 2021
Payment deadline: 2 April 2021

Workshop costs:
Student/ Postdoc: £30
Academic: £50
Industry: £80

#UKPlantSciPresents 2021 Spring Season

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Published on: January 6, 2021

The spring season of #UKPlantSciPresents begins on January 12th and we have a strong schedule set until the end of April! Each webinar is at Tuesday afternoon at 3pm GMT (or BST)!

Registration is free and webinars will be made freely available soon after the event. Although closed captioning/subtitles are not available for live webinars, after the event a transcription can be made available if requested.

The #UKPlantSciPresents webinar series runs through GoToWebinar software, which allows simple presentation with the facility for attendees to ask questions in a chat box. A selection of these questions will be moderated by the webinar chairperson.

This series is supported by GARNet, the Monogram Small Grains Network, Bristol Centre for Agricultural Innovation, NovogeneUK and Arabidopsis Events UK.

Full details here.

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