#UKPlantSciPresents Webinars

We are looking for UK-based speakers to present their research in the new #UKPlantSciPresents webinar series. These webinars begin on Tuesday September 15th 2020 and will be every two weeks until December 8th. They will return with a new ‘season’ in January 2021.

If you are interested in presenting your research then please email Geraint Parry to express an interest. We are hoping to recruit plant scientists of any career stage or research area. Each week two speakers will present their research in a 30minute session.

This is a great opportunity for you to 1. Present your exciting research; 2. Obtain a recording of your presentation that can be used on a personal website or on social media.

Webinars will be made freely available soon after the event. Although closed captioning/subtitles are not available for live webinars, after the event a transcription can be made available if requested.

The #UKPlantSciPresents webinar series runs through GoToWebinar software, which allows simple presentation with the facility for attendees to ask questions in a chat box. A selection of these questions will be moderated by the webinar chairperson.

This series is supported by GARNet, the Monogram Small Grains Network and the Bristol Centre for Agricultural Innovation.

Upcoming Webinars

October 27th 2020 3pm GMT:

Anjil Srivastava, University of Durham: SUMO proteases: Functional diversity and its potential in crop improvement

Chin Jian Yang and Rajiv Sharma, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC): New ways into plant breeding using eigen/env-GWAS and origin specific genomic selection

November 10th 2020 3pm GMT:

Dana Macgregor, Rothamsted Research: Bringing agricultural weeds into the molecular lab

Steven Penfield, John Innes Centre: Climate Smart Crops

Tuesday November 24th 3pm GMT: The Heredity webinar

Michael Scott and Funmi Ladejobi, UCL: MAGICal mystery tour: the power of multi-parent crop populations.

Lindsey Compton, University of Birmingham: Features of an Evolved Autotetraploid Meiosis in Potato

Register for this webinar here.

Tuesday December 8th 3pm GMT

Liam Elliott, University of Oxford: Edge-directed trafficking of receptors for control of cell geometry in Arabidopsis

Beatriz Lagunas, University of Warwick: Partnering in time and space: a tale of legume nodulation

Register for this webinar here.

Tuesday January 12th 2021 3pm GMT

In this special edition of the #UKPlantSciPresents webinar series we are delighted that Sarah Blackford will provide a talk about careers in plant science.

We will provide further details later in 2020 but please register now for this exciting event! Register here.

Recordings of Past Webinars

October 13th 2020: Alison Bentley, NIAB: Journeys in Wheat Genetics

October 13th 2020: Martin Balcerowicz, SLCU: An RNA thermoswitch controls temperature-dependent daytime growth in Arabidopsis

September 29th 2020: Marcel Bach-Pages, University of Oxford: Proteome-wide Profiling of RNA-Binding Protein Responses to flg22 Reveals Novel Components of Plant Immunity

September 29th 2020: Isabelle Colas, James Hutton Institute: Control of Meiosis in Barley.

September 15th 2020: Sebastian Eves-van den Akker (University of Cambridge): Sex, organs and food security: the curious case of plant-parastic interactions.

September 15th 2020: Charlotte Pain (Oxford Brookes): Shaping the Plant ER

July 14th 2020Sarah Courbier: Far-red light enhances tomato susceptibility towards Botrytis cinerea in a jasmonate- and sugar-dependent manner

July 14th 2020- Jose Gutierrez-Marcos: Phenotypic variation in clonal plants is underpin by cellular memory

June 30th 2020: Jen Sloan: Climate-ready rice: a photosynthetic approach

June 30th 2020: Marc Knight: Decoding calcium signalling in plants

June 16th 2020: Philippa Borrill: Genomics in a giant: understanding gene expression in polyploid wheat

June 16th 2020: Matt Jones: Shades of Green: Untying the Knots of Green Photoperception

June 2nd 2020: Joe McKenna: Connecting the dots: Sub-diffraction limited imaging of plasma-membrane nanodomains

June 2nd 2020: Carmen Escudero-Martinez: Mapping Barley genes shaping the rhizosphere bacterial microbiota.

May 19th: Emily Breeze: Targeting the Arms Factory: The emerging role of the endoplasmic reticulum in plant immunity

May 5th- Jonathan Jones- Plant immunity: the zigzagzig turns full circle

May 5th- Yoselin Benitez-Alfonso: An interdisciplinary study of plasmodesmata influence on cell-to-cell signalling and plant development

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