Opportunities at ICAR2020: Seattle

Hi all,

I want to let you know that the ICAR 2020 conference webpage is up and that we (NAASC) are doing new and exciting things for ICAR 2020 – Seattle!

In response to community feedback we’ve gathered an External Advisory Board to discuss approaches to better meet the needs of plant science researchers and educators interested in a moderate sized conference such as ICAR, and that focuses on the resources, techniques, and fundamental research taking place in Arabidopsis labs and in other labs that depend on Arabidopsis knowledge and resources.

We consistently heard that attendees prioritize the chance to present their work, especially in a talk; that most want greater diversity in the invited speakers list and in conference session topics. In response we’ve dramatically changed our and we anticipate a highly engaging and more diverse program in Seattle next summer.

Some FIRSTS for ICAR 2020- Seattle:

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