GARNet-Presents Webinars

The GARNet-Presents series owes a huge debt of thanks to the widely popular Plantae Presents series that has demonstrated that there is a community-need for events of this type.

We will run this series through the GoToWebinar software, which allows simple presentation with the facility for meeting attendees to ask questions in a chat box. A selection of these questions will be moderated by the webinar chairperson. Each week two speakers will present their research over 30minute sessions.

We are looking for Webinar speakers later in the #GARNet-Presents series. We will be starting up after the summer break on September 14th 2020.

These are 20minute talks with 5-10 minutes for questions. We run GARNet-Presents through GoToWebinar and will require a decent Wifi connection and a webcam. You’d share your screen for everyone to view as you talk.

If you are interested in presented then please email Geraint Parry with a statement of interest and a talk title. We are hoping to recruit plant scientists of any career stage or research interest.

Webinars will be made freely available on this page soon after the events. Although closed captioning/subtitles are not available for live webinars after the event a transcription will be available with the recording.

Upcoming Events

Nothing until September! Check back in August!

Recordings of Past Webinars

July 14th 2020Sarah Courbier: Far-red light enhances tomato susceptibility towards Botrytis cinerea in a jasmonate- and sugar-dependent manner

July 14th 2020- Jose Gutierrez-Marcos: Phenotypic variation in clonal plants is underpin by cellular memory

June 30th 2020: Jen Sloan: Climate-ready rice: a photosynthetic approach

June 30th 2020: Marc Knight: Decoding calcium signalling in plants

June 16th 2020: Philippa Borrill: Genomics in a giant: understanding gene expression in polyploid wheat

June 16th 2020: Matt Jones: Shades of Green: Untying the Knots of Green Photoperception

June 2nd 2020: Joe McKenna: Connecting the dots: Sub-diffraction limited imaging of plasma-membrane nanodomains

June 2nd 2020: Carmen Escudero-Martinez: Mapping Barley genes shaping the rhizosphere bacterial microbiota.

May 19th: Emily Breeze: Targeting the Arms Factory: The emerging role of the endoplasmic reticulum in plant immunity

May 5th- Jonathan Jones- Plant immunity: the zigzagzig turns full circle

May 5th- Yoselin Benitez-Alfonso: An interdisciplinary study of plasmodesmata influence on cell-to-cell signalling and plant development

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