FutureLearn: Image Analysis Methods for Biologists

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Published on: April 9, 2020

The use of automatic image analysis in the biological sciences has increased significantly in recent years, especially with automated image capture and the rise of phenotyping.

This online course will help improve your understanding of image analysis methods, and improve your practical skills and ability to apply the techniques to your images.

You will explore the process of image acquisition, through to segmenting regions, counting objects and tracking movement. Importantly, we’ll also try to highlight what to watch out for when using different image analysis approaches.

This is led by a team at the University of Nottingham that includes Tony Pridmore, Andrew French, Amy Lowe and Mike Pound. This team has worked a great deal with plant scientists and are global leader in the automated and AI approaches to tackle the challenges of plant phenotyping.

This training course is FREE and begins on May 11th.

More information can be found on this URL:


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