BRIGIT looking out for Xylella

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Published on: January 14, 2020

Taken from the John Innes Centre

Dame Helen Mirren has helped renew efforts to keep plant disease Xylella fastidiosa out of the UK in 2020 – the UN’s International Year of Plant Health – narrating a new animation that warns of the devastation it causes, including the death of millions of olive trees in Europe.

This video has been put together by the BRIGIT project that is lead from the John Innes Centre

Advice to help prevent the introduction of Xylella includes:

  1. Source new plants carefully, where possible purchase plants grown in the UK
  2. Propagate your own plants from seeds or cuttings
  3. Check plants for signs of disease before purchase and monitor the health of new plants
  4. Never bring plants back with you from abroad

For more information check out the BRIGIT Webpage.

UK Early Career Rice Researchers Meeting

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Published on: January 13, 2020

On 27th/28th February we will be holding the inaugural UK Rice Consortium meeting for Early Career Researchers. This short meeting will be focussed on providing a forum for all postdocs and PhD students involved in rice research projects to come together and exchange ideas and experience on working with rice in the UK.

Download Meeting Schedule

The meeting will be very much led by the researchers themselves, providing them the opportunity to both network (find out about the range of rice research being performed across the country) but with a focus on the nuts-and-bolts of rice research in the lab and field.

The aim is to generate and share knowledge on fundamental yet essential topics for those working at the coal-face of rice research, such as: how to grow and maintain rice; obtaining rice lines and transgenics; genomic resources available and how to access them; the challenges (and opportunities) of working with overseas collaborators, plus other topics raised by the participants themselves. By coming together and sharing best practice and experience, we hope to instigate a network of early career researchers who can help each other to advance rice research in the UK, ensuring that we can contribute most effectively to the global research efforts on this vital crop.

The meeting will consist primarily of short talks by participants plus wide-ranging discussion and networking opportunities, setting the agenda for early career researchers and their contribution to the UK rice research consortium.

We realise the timescale is tight, so if you could actively promote this meeting to all postdocs and PhD students working on rice projects in your group/institute, that would be greatly appreciated. We are, of course, very happy to have more senior researchers attend and chip in with their ideas/suggestions (and the sessions will be moderated by academics at Sheffield), but the meeting is very much focussed on early career researchers and giving them a voice.

For registration, go to:

Registration costs are £150 (including overnight accommodation and evening meal), or £50 for day rate.

Contact for meeting enquiries:

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